Business Set-Up & Documentation



STANDPOINT-Business Set-Up

Documentation & Licensing  with Department of Economic Development/Economic Freezone & Other Government Agencies that require licensing approval based on your business activities.

We help you save money, time and effort as we guide you throughout the process of your company’s registration in both Mainland (Dubai) and in any of its Economic Freezones.

Dubai business licenses are available for both mainland and freezones, but the licensing criteria vary according to the type of company being setup and the range of activities.


LEGAL FORMS (Dubai Mainland)

  • Sole Proprietorship

  • Civil Company

  • Limited Liability Company

  • Private Shareholding Company

  • Public Shareholding Company

  • Simple Limited Partnership

  • Partnership Company

  • Branch of a Foreign Company Branch or

Representative Office

  • Branch of a Dubai-based Company

  • Branch of a GCC-based Company

  • Branch of a Freezone Company

  • SME License

An Entrepreneur’s  Guide For Setting Up Business in Mainland (Dubai)

  1. Choose your Business

  2. Choose your Legal Company Form

  3. Choose the Trade Name

  4. Apply for Initial Approval

  5. Prepare the Memorandum

  6. Establish your Business Location

  7. Obtain Licensing Approvals with other

  8. Process your License

Advantages of Setting Up Your Business in Dubai Economic Freezones

100% Import and Export Tax Exemptions
Investors 100% Ownership (no need for local sponsorship)
100% Repatriation of Capital and Profits
Corporate Tax Exemptions for 15 years and additional
15 years upon renewal
Personal Income Tax Exemption
Support Services such as Staff visas, Housing , Facilities etc..