Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Attestation of Documents in Government Department  and/or Consulates

Visa Applications To Any Countries (Embassies) – Documentation , Typing , Follow-Ups & Appointment; Certificate Attestations

Ministry of Justice – Authentication of Arabic Translation of Foreign Documents

Notary Public (Dubai Court) – Pre-Approval of Documents


  • Immigration & Visa Services (Department Of Naturalization & Residency) – Application & Documentation for all kinds of Visas such as Employment, Family, Investor/Partner, Housemaid, Visit/Tourist, Visa Changes & Amendments, Renewals & Cancellations, Company Establishment cards and the likes.

  • Labour Work Permits (Ministry of Labour) – Application & Documentation for Quotas, Bank Guarantee Payments, Labor Card Applications/Payments, Renewals & Cancellations, Contract Submissions, Profession Changes, Company Registration and the likes

  • Emirates Identification ( Emirates Identity Authority) – Application & Documentation for new Emirates ID, Renewals, Lost ID Cards and Amendments

  • Ministry of Health/Dubai Health Authority – Application & Documentation for medical fitness tests for all kinds of New Visas and Visa Renewals

Other Services

  • Arranging Newspaper Advertisements (DED)

  • Acquiring Government Approvals ( e.g RTA, Police Authority, DTCM, etec.)

  • Vehicle Registrations (RTA)

  • Driving License Application & Assistance